60 Second CPS Test


What Are The 60 Seconds Click Test?

Whether you're a writer, gamer, or a corporate worker, clicking is something you may have to do a lot in your daily life. Then Why not improve your clicking speed and perform your tasks faster and more efficiently?

Well, that's what this clicks per minute test is for. With the help of this game, you can analyze how many clicks you can make in under 60 seconds.

How To Perform Better In Clicks Per Minute Test?

To perform better in the CPS test, you have to practice daily and consistently. As your muscle memory and reflexes start to develop, you'll notice that your clicking speed is improving too.

How To Check Clicks Per Minute Speed?

To check clicks per minute speed, you have to use this tool by following the steps given below:

  • Access the CPS Test website through your preferred web browser
  • Click on the Start Test button.
  • Repeatedly hit your mouse button until the timer runs out.

Once you've finished the test, the total score will be displayed automatically on the screen.

World Record For Maximum Clicks In 1 Minute

A Japanese student named Satoyuki Fujimura holds the world record for the highest number of clicks per minute by successfully hitting the mouse 296 times on a Japanese TV show.