About Us

CPS Test is a 100% free and accurate online click counter that calculates your mouse clicks without any errors. We were curious and dedicated to developing this tool. Our backend technology is so powerful that it tracks each click you make and serve you 100% precise results. Clicks per second are very crucial for professional gamers and sometimes for Computer users. Keeping this in mind, our development and research team brings this clicker game.

It is our goal to help those in need with our products. Hence, our CPS Test tool is free of cost and open-source.

We provide our users with the best features and functionality that no one does. Our solution- oriented approach lets us tackle obstacles in our journey. Our study states the value of human attention. Thus, we believe in designing a simple, entertaining, engaging website with a well- informed Architect and modern, user-friendly UI/UX.

We hope you will enjoy this CPS game. Keep visiting, as we are working continuously to provide the best to users who come to play our game to practice clicking. Our team is planning to bring various modes for click exercise. So, stay updated.

You can alert us about bugs on the website. Contact us to provide your valuable feedback.