Butterfly Click Test


What Is the Butterfly Click Test?

The butterfly click test is an engaging online CPS test tool. It is an instant and easy-to-use platform that aims to teach and increase the clicking speed of users.

Fast clicking skills are vital for players to counter their opponents in online games and tests. For this, gamers can take the butterfly click test to practice their click speed regularly by using two fingers: the index and middle finger. With this, users can insanely intensify their mouse hitting speed to double their CPS score.

Check CPS Rate in Butterfly Click Test

Don't stay just one step away from becoming a pro at clicking spontaneously. Check your CPS rate today and master the butterfly clicking technique.

  • Before proceeding with the butterfly click test, ensure that you purchase gaming mice.
  • Launch our webpage and move the pointer to the 'start clicking' section when the webpage pops up.
  • Now hit on the 'Click here to start play' button and begin the test. A timer will start running in the background.
  • Users need to burst maximum clicks before the time runs out.
  • To butterfly click, players should place their index finger and middle finger on one of the mouse buttons, and to provide a nice grip, place the other fingers over the other mouse button.
  • After proper placing of hand fingers, start striking maximum clicks possible.
  • Once the test ends, a cps score shows up on your screen corresponding to your clicking speed. Analyze your score and practice again.

Why Butterfly Clicking Is Safe & Easy

The butterfly clicking and jitter clicking are the two strategic methodologies users practice to amplify their cps rate. But when it comes to safety and ease of users, butterfly clicking is preferable over other click tests.

Jitter clicking and other clicking technologies cost to harm your hands, leading to fatigue and muscle cramps when practiced beyond a limit, but butterfly clicking doesn't result in causing any harm to the hands of users.

It is comparatively an easy-to-learn technique when compared to others, which are slightly complicated and require much practice to grasp, making butterfly clicking an easy and secure learning methodology.