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CPS Test Game

Clicks Per Second test is an appropriate platform for users to improve their mouse-clicking speed. It enlightens the users on how many clicks they can register in a second based on their potential.

Gaming enthusiasts can enhance their gaming skills and boost their chances of winning games by taking up the CPS test to click at a faster speed. The click speed test is a perfect game for all the users to check and amplify their clicking speed from the start.

There is various clicks test available to the users based on the difficulty level of beginner and professional players. Users may choose any of the click modes and excel in it.

Calculate CPS Rate

Proceeding further with the CPS test isn't any complex task. Users may calculate their clicks per second score by following the below guidelines.

  • Launch our CPS Test webpage on your system.
  • Once the page pops up, move your cursor and click on the 'Click here to start play' section to begin with the test.
  • Start clicking as fast as you can in the allotted time to make the new highest score.
  • The test terminates as soon as your timer runs out of time.
  • Your corresponding CPS rate is calculated based on the number of clicks you made in the least time.

Clicks Per Second = Total Number of Clicks / Total Time taken in Seconds.

  • Lastly, your respective CPS scores display on your screen.

CPS Test Word Record

Based on our survey, gamer Joseph Garret from England made it possible to set the highest CPS test world record of registering 23 clicks in just one second.

Types Of CPS Test

Mouse CPS Test (Right Click & Left Click)

It is an efficient variation of our click speed test. The Left and Right click test assists users in determining the right and left button mouse speed. Users can now conveniently examine their right mouse click speed or the left mouse click speed by taking up the test.

Keyboard CPS Test

Calculating the speed at which keyboard keys are pressed is now simpler using the Keyboard cps test. Mastering our keyboard test will boost your typing speed by enabling you to register maximum keyboard taps in the least possible time.

Double Click Test

The Double click test is another extension of the cps test where users need to click twice instead of a single click in the minimum time possible. It aids users in testing and rectifying the double-clicking issue of their mouse.

Take Click Speed Test Challenge

Check your mouse clicking speed and compete with your friends by taking up these various click speed test challenges.


  • 1-Second - Users who wish to begin from the beginning and brush up their clicking speed take up the 1-second click test. Start practicing and set the highest record for bursting maximum clicks in one second.
  • 2-Second - Raise up the level of your initial clicking speed by taking our 2-second click challenge. All the users need to do is strike maximum mouse clicks within a 2-second deadline.
  • 5-Second - Examine how smoothly and speedily you can click for 5 seconds using our 5-second click test. Challenge your friends to take up the test and beat your score.


  • 10-Seconds - After the beginner mode comes the advanced mode, raising the difficulty level. The 10-second cps test mode enables users to inspect how speedily they can register maximum clicks in a span of 10-second.
  • 15-Seconds - Intensify your gaming performance and counter your enemies by practicing the 15-second clicks challenge to click consistently and speedily for the complete 15 seconds.
  • 30-Seconds - Test your actual clicking ability to click for 30 seconds long using the 30-second click test. One who successfully registers the highest clicks in 30 seconds is fit to move ahead for more complex variations.


  • 60-Second - Clicking for 60-second long isn't as simple as it seems. Test your potential to click consistently without getting exhausted using the 60-second click test challenge.
  • 100-Second - Professional players who are confident enough in their clicking ability and have the potential to click for a prolonged period can only take up this challenge. The 100-second clicks challenge lets users tap maximum clicks in 100 seconds and become a pro.

Play Click Speed Test Unblocked Version

Our breathtaking click speed test game is accessible to all users worldwide. There are no age restrictions for playing this time-killer game.

In case there is a blockage or restriction from your school or office ISP, and you're unable to access the test, then switch over to VPN to overcome all the restrictions and enjoy the unblocked version of clicks per second.

How To Hack/Cheat the CPS Test Game?

Gamers with slow clicking speed often lag in online games, cps tests, and esports competitions. Keeping their problem in mind, we have gathered some amazing hacks that they can use to increase clicking speed!

  • Use more efficient clicking techniques like jitter clicking and butterfly clicking.
  • If you feel that your mouse is not speedy enough, swap to better alternative options such as a razor mouse.
  • The hand and mouse positioning matters a lot. Try to have a decent claw grip on your mouse and keep it in the middle of the platform. Always keep your arms in a relaxed position and try not to put pressure on your mouse while clicking.
  • A few games and tests allow users to automate mouse clicks using auto clickers. You may download it online from any website and reap its benefits.

Mouse Clicking Speed: Why Is It Important?

Gaming enthusiasts who play FPS games like Minecraft should have decent control over clicking speed to stay a step ahead of their opponents.

Typing is an essential skill for students, corporate workers, typists, transcriptionists, and virtual assistants. Speedy clicking skills can help them type faster and boost their productivity in their workspace.

Hence, fast and efficient click speed matters and is the need of the hour.

What Is the Fastest Way to Click the Mouse?

Here are some alternative clicking methods one can use to enhance their clicking speed.

  • Regular Clicking - It is an easy way to practice mouse clicking and is used by the majority of people in their everyday work. Although it is not much efficient, one can achieve a click score of 4-6 CPS.
  • Jitter Clicking - It has been one of the most reliable methods to boost a person's clicking pace. The hand vibrations or jitters generated during this method result in several mouse clicks in less time. It enables users to double their current tapping speed.
  • Butterfly Clicking - Designed to fulfill the needs of the gaming generation, the butterfly clicking test allows users to click speedily using their middle and index fingers while clicking. Users can improve their score up to 16 CPS using this technique.
  • Drag Clicking - It is yet another constructive method that is easy to master and generates speedy clicks. Users need to gather maximum clicks while dragging the drag to the drag target. So, intensify your tap speed up to 14-15 CPS using this approach!

Perform The CPS Test in Minecraft

  • Firstly, download and install a decent PVP client such as Lunar Client.
  • Tap the green button located at the center of the screen to launch the Minecraft game.
  • Join a single-player or multiplayer world.
  • After joining, if you are unable to view the CPS test, you can enable the CPS mod through the client menu.
  • Once you return to your Minecraft game, you will be able to view a CPS counter on your screen. It will help you analyze your current CPS score while playing Minecraft.

Features Of CPS Test

  • 100% Accurate and Instant Result -The standardized algorithm of our CPS tool generates instant and accurate results at your fingertips.
  • Dark Mode Support - Users can switch to dark mode while attempting the test as per their comfort.
  • Cross-Browser Compatible - Our user-friendly website supports all kinds of browsers ranging from Google Chrome, Firefox to Opera.
  • Responsive Design - Our tool has a responsive design. It is compatible with desktops, mobile, and any other device. MacBook, iPhone, PC, and android users can access this tool without any hindrance.


How To Test How Fast You Click?

You can calculate your CPS score and analyze how speedily you click using various free online websites that provide CPS tests and games.

What Is an Average Clicking Speed?

Anything between 8-10 CPS is considered a decent clicking speed. However, you can further improve this with consistent practice.

What Does CPS Stand For?

CPS stands for click per second.

What Is A CPS Tester?

CPS tester is a constructive online tool that calculates and intensifies gamers' clicking speed.