5 Second CPS Test


What Is The 5 Second Click Test?

The five-second click speed test allows you to analyze how fast you can click your left mouse button in under five seconds. It is a very useful test if you want to improve your clicking speed and perform better in clicker games like idle clicker games and Minecraft.

How To Improve Your Clicking Speed In The 5 Seconds Test?

There are several ways to improve your clicking speed in five seconds. Firstly, you have to practice a lot with the help of this five-second click speed test to develop the required muscle memory and hand-eye coordination required to click fast.

Additionally, you can also use several clicking techniques like butterfly clicking to get a higher CPS score with ease. By using the five-second click test daily, you can gradually improve your clicking speed.

World Record for Most Clicks in 5 Seconds

A guy named Jordan Ham owns the record for making the most clicks in five seconds by having a CPS score of 14, which translates to around 70 clicks in five seconds.

How To Measure The Mouse Clicking Speed?

It is really easy to measure your click speed in five seconds with the help of this click speed test. Here is the step-by-step procedure to use this tool and calculate your CPS score.

  • First of all, open the web browser and access the CPS Test website
  • Then, click on the start test button and keep clicking your mouse left button
  • After five seconds, the test will automatically end and your respective CPS score will be displayed on the screen

That's it! Now you know how to use this tool to measure your clicking speed, so go ahead and check.