Kohi Click Test


What Is Kohi?

Kohi is a Minecraft player versus a player server that is famous for its hard-core faction game modes.

It is a spin-off of MineHQ.HCF, kit PvP, PvP, and survival games are some game modes that the server supports. The idea of click speed test game was drawn by taking inspiration from the Kohi server.

What Is the Kohi Click Test?

The kohi click test is a clicking methodology that enables users to determine and strengthen their clicking skills and mouse clicking speed. This tool features a unique algorithm that produces 100% instant and precise results.

It is acquired by the gaming generation to amplify their in-game performance. It is particularly significant for Minecraft gamers because the faster the clicking, the more combats you make, and the more chances you get to hit the enemy.

Check Your Mouse Clicking Speed in Minecraft

After getting a brief introduction to the server and kohi clicker, let us now look at the procedure to take the click test.

  • Before beginning the test, make sure you have a stable internet connection and an accurately functioning device of your preference.
  • Head to our CPS test website via your browser. Select the kohi click test option from the header menu.
  • Once the webpage opens, you will view a click here button. Hit on it to begin.
  • Default time set on site 5 second. Players need to ensure to not waste their time and register maximum clicks in these 10 seconds.
  • As soon as the timer runs out of time, your cps score is evaluated and displayed on the screen via a pop-up message.

Share your score and rank with your friends, and challenge them! You can also re-attempt the test if you want to work on enhancing your score..