15 Second CPS Test


What Is The 15 Second Click Test?

When it comes to competitive gaming, the stakes are always high. There are many things required to become a skillful eSports Player, and one of these includes being able to make a higher number of clicks in the least time possible.

The 15-second click test here helps you to practice your clicking skills and analyze how many clicks can you make under fifteen seconds.

Benefits of 15 Second Test

The click speed game offers several features that can be beneficial for users in their personal and professional life, such as.

Fun & Entertainment

If you're looking to unwind from your daily chores and give a fresh start to your mind, you can always rely on this click counter. It's a great utility for fun and entertainment purposes that can be used by anyone, from a student to a working professional.

Improve Your Performance In Games

Certain games like Minecraft have a lot to do with your click speed. From slaying an enemy to crafting a shelter, everything requires you to make a click on your mouse as fast as you can. Therefore, using this click test can help you improve your performance in such games.

Take CPS Test For 15 Seconds

Using the 15-second click test is a cakewalk. All you need to do is follow the steps given below and you're good to go.

  • Using a preferred web browser, navigate to the CPS Test website
  • On the next interface, click on the start test button
  • Then, start repeatedly clicking your mouse for the next 15 seconds as fast as you can

Once the timer is finished, your total score will be displayed on the screen. And that's it! You have successfully used the 15 seconds CPS test.

World Record for Most Click In 15 Seconds

The world record for the most clicks in this challenge is held by Brian Pankey who made 83 clicks in a time span of 15 seconds.