1 Second CPS Test


What Is 1 Second Click Test?

The Clicks Per Second test or CPS test is a test tool designed to measure your mouse clicking speed within a second. This tool can measure your left click speed, right-click speed, and even scroll speed.

The CPS speed is a determining factor in aspects like gaming and general usage. There are a lot of clicker games like Minecraft and Cookie Clicker that require a player to have a good clicking speed to be able to progress faster and gain a higher score.

How To Get A High Score In Clicks Per Second?

To be able to get a higher score in clicks per second test, you need practice, a lot of it to be honest. By using this clicking test, you can hone your clicking skills daily at your convenience. Here is how you can use this tool to get a higher score in clicks per second test:

  • Using a preferred web browser, access the CPSTest website
  • On the website, click on the start test and repeatedly hit your left mouse button
  • The test will automatically and after one second and display or overall CPS score

By using this click speed test daily, you can easily level up your clicking skills and be able to make more clicks in a single second which would not only help you in games but also in your work.

Why Use a 1 Second CPS Test?

Using a clicks speed test can help you in a myriad of ways, especially if you are into competitive gaming. In popular games like Minecraft, clicking is required to kill enemies, craft items, and mine resources.

With a click test, you can work on your clicking speed and be able to perform better in this game. On the other hand, having a fast-clicking speed will also allow you to perform certain office-based tasks faster which will help you with your productivity.