100 Second CPS Test


What is The 100 Second Click Test?

The 100-second CPS test is bound to measure your Clicks Per 100 seconds. This master test is the one on an advanced level as you have to keep clicking for 100 seconds, which is a pretty long time to keep clicking. The challenge is to never give up during this time period.

The clicks you register at this time will be used as the data to calculate your average Clicks per second. For instance, if you have registered 600 clicks in 100 seconds, your average CPS will be 6 clicks in a second. Try your hands on this test to see how well your finger can perform.

Why Click Speed Test Is Important?

The click test games come in handy in a lot of situations like

  1. Preparing You For Hardcore Gaming
  2. The 100-second CPS test helps the users to prepare for hardcore gaming by helping them get used to clicking for longer durations. This practice not only improves speed but also accuracy in clicking.

    This helps the users to be better at games such as League of Legends, which require a lot of clicking. It also helps them to become better multitaskers, which is a valuable skill for any professional gamer.

  3. Improving Hand-Eye Coordination
  4. The click test games help the user to develop hand-eye coordination, which is a must for gamers. This helps them build the necessary skills to be successful in games.

    These games have been shown to improve Accuracy, Speed, Quickness, Reaction time, and Accuracy while multitasking in real-time.

  5. A Fun Way To Compete
  6. Every game is fun, and a challenge like this is clearly a fun way to compete. The 100-second games provide a fun way to challenge your peers to set new CPS records. Also, you can learn while competing.

Easy Tips And Tricks To Improve Clicking Speed

There are a lot of things that you can do that make the maximum number of clicks in the given time, such as.

Practice Constantly: You should practice daily to make better progress and click faster in a game.

Maintain Proper Hand Positioning: By keeping your hand in a good posture, you can prevent fatigue and make more clicks without any discomfort.

Experiment With Different Clicking Techniques: There are numerous clicking techniques, such as Jitter clicking , Butterfly clicking, and many more that help you make more clicks in less time.

Use Mousing Instead Of A Laptop Pad: A gaming mouse is designed ergonomically to help you make clicks easily, so using it instead of a trackpad can be beneficial

Use Keys Correctly: The challenge works with the left mouse button, so make sure you use it to record your speed.

Use A Gaming Mouse Instead of A Regular Mouse: A gaming mouse is curated specifically for heavy clicking tasks and works much smoother as compared to a regular mouse.

Once you've finished the test, the total score will be displayed automatically on the screen.

World Record For Maximum Click In 100 Seconds

The fastest CPS in under 100 seconds is recorded to be 8.2 clicks per second. While it's quite a challenging number, you can certainly beat it by practicing daily and using the aforementioned tips.