Mouse Drag Test

What Is the Mouse Drag Test?

Sometimes, when you drag something in any application, it suddenly stops moving, even though you keep moving your mouse or finger. The drag click test was made to eliminate this problem.

It is an efficient online tool that enables users to check their mouse dragging ability. You can test whether your mouse buttons are effortlessly dragging or moving elements.

The drag test troubleshoots the mouse dragging issues and comes in handy in copying content, online games, and other computer-based tasks.

How To Take the Mouse Drag Test?

The mouse drag test is simple-to-use.

  • Firstly, open our website on your browser. It does not matter which browser or device you use, as our tool is compatible with every browser.
  • As the webpage loads, place the cursor on the "Drag me" object.
  • Press and hold the object using the mouse button you want to test.
  • Move the cursor in any direction within the box.
  • If the object drags until you release the mouse button, your mice movement is functioning accurately.


For the convenience of users, our tool enables them to use this constructive program to test two different types of mouse button dragging functionalities.

Left Button

It is the most widely used dragging technique. In this test, users need to press and hold the drag me object using the left button of their mice and try to move it around their screen. If the object readily moves from one place to another in the box, there is no issue with your mouse or touchpad.

Right Button

Along with the left key, users can also check the dragging capabilities of the right button. It is similar to the left mice button drag test, but now you have to access the right button to move the drag me object.

If the object on the screen moves swiftly, your mouse keys is 100% effective.