Jitter Click Test


What Is the Jitter Click Test?

Jitter click test is a perfect platform for all users to testify and analyze their click speed rate. It is similar to other CPS tests used to discover one's mouse clicking speed.

The only difference is that in jitter clicking, users strain their arm muscles to generate vibrations in their fingers and produce speedy mouse clicks. However, when practiced for long, it can lead to muscle fatigue and deteriorating health conditions.

So, give the jitter click test today itself and upgrade your gaming profile.

Check Your Jitter Clicking Speed

  • The prerequisite for taking the test is a stable internet connection.
  • Open any device of your comfort and navigate to the CPS test website.
  • Select the option of jitter click test from the header menu.
  • Read all the necessary instructions and take a glance at its uses and benefits.
  • Hit the “CLICK HERE” button with your mouse. Your test begins now.
  • Try to twitch your arm and wrists speedily and burst the maximum clicks per second before the timer runs out of time.
  • Once the test ends, you will receive a pop-up message displaying your click rate and rank. You can share your score with your friends to flex your abilities.
  • You also have the option to retake the test and score better than your previous performance.

How To Jitter Click and Aim ?

Excel in jitter clicking and take your aiming skills to another level by following these below steps.

  • To begin with jitterclicking, firstly purchase a decent, accurate gaming mouse.
  • While clicking, players must keep their hands stiff and take breaks more often to avoid muscle fatigue. One should not tense their hand consistently beyond a certain limit.
  • Hover your fingers over the left mouse click button, and keep it a bit domed. One requires dedication and consistent practice to do so.
  • Now all the players need to do is strain the muscles and generate vibrations in their hands to enable faster clicking.

Through this, players can enhance their aiming skills and kill down their opponents while Minecraft gaming.